Start 2018 off right by attending The East Midlands International Trade Association (EMITA) Masterclass: Growth & Profitability, January 17th. Braithwaite will be speaking on Innovation Funding with a particular emphasis on the R&D Tax Credit. To register for the event, please click here.

Braithwaite are delighted that the government continued to show support for businesses to invest in R&D in the 2017 UK budget today by increasing the Research and Development Expenditure Credit relief (which is largely focused at large companies) from 11% to 12%, but disappointed to not see a similar increase in rate for SME companies.

Under section 1123 (3) CTA 2009, the company may reimburse expenses incurred initially by an employee, and such reimbursement may constitute qualifying staffing costs in the following circumstances. The expense constitutes an expense to the company of employing staff, and The expense is an expense the employee pays in order to fulfill the requirements of…

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