The chemical sector is a growing sector in the UK with a combination of well-established facilities and world-class scientists. The chemical sector is classed as a National technology priority by the UK government. The sector stretches from oil companies through to commodities, polymers, and pharmaceuticals. Whilst initial discoveries may be made in the laboratory, considerable developmental activity can then be expended in converting these into realistic industrial processes and applications.

Examples of eligible R&D activities:

  • Designing processes to achieve an appreciable improvement in product yield and reduced reaction times;
  • Minimising catalyse batch-to-batch variability in order to increase the consistency of resin;
  • Designing and developing an FTIR analyser sufficiently robust that it can handle a wide variety of process effluent streams and sludge from a plant, on-line;
  • Developing a new type of liquid coating release agent for use on ceramic surfaces;
  • Developing chemical treatment processes based on waste characterisation;
  • Manufacturing pilot plants for validation;
  • Developing new method for recycling, disposal or treatment of used chemicals and by-products;
  • Synthesising new chemicals.