Braithwaite UK's Engagement Process
Braithwaite UK’s R&D Tax Credit Process

Our engagement process involves a number of steps, the most important being the identification of R&D projects occurring within an organization. With its strong technical base, Braithwaite has the ability to predict on a very accurate basis, the likelihood of whether a project qualifies for R&D tax credits.

Our clients engage us at all stages of the claim process. We help them set up cost and activity tracking systems to document R&D as it occurs. We train their staff through seminars, or as part of a ‘walk through the claim’ process, to recognise when they are doing R&D. We help them prepare technical and costing submissions. We advise on preparing for an HMRC review, and we attend reviews with our clients.

We follow up with the HMRC on the status of claims, and track them through every stage of the process. Where required, we also assist where situations do not go as planned, or the outcome is not what was expected.

We have a number of successes in preparing notices of objections to tax assessments. Where called upon, we have acted as expert witnesses in court cases, and have acted as advisors to lawyers in preparing to appear before the courts.

In an environment where about 50% of all claims filed are turned down or reduced for lack of technical content, the ability to predict outcome avoids time wasting exercises and significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Braithwaite’s claims result in a refund in more than 98% of the cases.

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