The UK software industry has been undergoing an evolutionary change with cloud computing, mobile computing and IT consumerisation; driving permanent shifts in the basic structure of the industry. These trends are forcing software vendors to substantially rethink the way they develop, price, sell, deliver and service products. A similar shift has been happening on in-house software projects. Here organisations are under pressure to get more value from IT by developing or integrating technologies for distributed architectures to run on the cloud, and by scaling their operational needs without additional outlay on expensive infrastructure.

Examples of eligible R&D activities:

  • Designing and developing greenfield applications;
  • Enhancing applications and re-engineering (legacy);
  • Integrating enterprise systems;
  • Developing adaptive real-time search mechanisms for large-scale databases;
  • Creating decision-making tools based on predictive and optimisation models;
  • Consulting on technology and architecture.